Joomla Development CompanyJoomla is an exciting platform for growing your business online

One of the most exciting reasons for recommending Joomla as a platform to our clients is the vibrant global development community that continues to innovate and grow the platform’s capabilities. Others include; an open source architecture that allows us to provide economical solutions for our clients and ease of use for collaboration across a team of users with varied technical skills. This allows for a broader base of collaboration and empowerment across a team of stakeholders.

The current collection of extensions and add-ons for Joomla CMS is now over 4691 and new stuff is coming out daily. This provides tremendous flexibility and scalability over time. Our company specializes in Joomla development, we enhance and build new components or extend existing Components and Modules to add features or configure them in the most effective ways. If done right there are really limitless possibilities for achieving cost effective results and achieving targeted business goals.

Here case study for a recent solution we provided: Rokstories layout like Yahoo

RokStories is a module built by the folks at Rocket Themes. Rocket Themes is a Joomla template design company that has evolved their template architectures with innovative features. They have built integrated modules, plug-in’s and other superb functionality around stable and graphically pleasing Joomla 1.5 native and Joomla 1.0 compatible templates. Their team has one of the best template clubs available in the marketplace and we offer free use of Joomla templates to our customers as part of our service engagements.

One of our clients wanted us to modify their RokStories module with a layout to look like the yahoo module content slide show as seen here: This is what our enhancement to the RokStories module looked like when we were finished: Some of the features are turned off in this installation but as you will see the same look and feel was achieved at a fraction of the cost compared to building such a module from scratch. This is a good example of what open source is all about, working with existing code to help a client achieve goals in the most efficient way possible. Building functionality like this from scratch would have taken a considerable effort, cost more and had a much longer development cycle. With a few hours of additional programming we were able to provide what the client wanted at a fraction of the cost.

Top 5 reasons to go with Joomla

  1. Using any open source platform will give you scalability but Joomla stands out since it is the most popular and best supported open source CMS platforms in the world.
  2. You can build out features freely and never be “held over a barrel” by a development company.
  3. You can always update over time and respond to your future needs.
  4. Joomla offers limitless flexibility for just about any business model with thousands of extensions and an easy to use administrative interface.
  5. Working with a talented group of Joomla! developers and consultants that understand Joomla both from a programmatic capability and from a business process and configuration capability will serve you well and allow you to get the most technology for your investment.