The Problem

Corporate training and educational programs in general is a major topic of discussion right now. Funding cuts within our schools and the high turnover in the office combined with the need to tighten our belts and polish business processes are all waking folks up to the value of improving and or developing quality training resources. It is proven that education in the workplace will improve efficiency and productivity and help your company or remain competitive in a global economy. Schools and learning institutions have requirements for student results trackin and there is a shift required to evolve a more sustainable educational system.  This may require a blend of traditional settings as well as virtual training. Corporations and schools alike can reduce travel costs and transition times productivity lost shifting between locations. These and other key factors are all opening the door for the online or virtual training solutions.


The cost advantage of a Joomla Content Management System with integrated Learning Management capabilities now makes this capability within reach for small businesses, learning institutions and non-profit organizations.

New Social Community capabilities also can fuel the way we interact and share information. Since Joomla offers this capability through a host of extensions there are limitless opportunities for developing focused learning communities with segmented user groups.

Affordable Options for LMS

There are many options for Learning Management but a couple of major contenders in the open source community are Moodle LMS (Ideal for schools) as well as Joomla when using the numerous third party Learning Management System (LMS) extensions (More ideal for companies and Non-profit organizations). There's actually a "bridge" between the two systems that lets you utilize both Moodle and Joomla for the same user base. This technology capacity is a force multiplier that can open the doors for a lot of possibilities iff it is applied properly.

CNP Integrations has become an early adopters for this bridge on our project where we incorporated a number of tools for K-12 school teachers, parents and local community leaders to work with others and engage in conversations concerning the potential of education and related matters. While still a pilot project the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Professional LMS is now within reach

There are many enterprise level systems used for conventional learning establishments and larger organizations but these tend to be expensive solutions to implement since the training and deployment costs are extensive. Until recently this has made Learning Management Systems far out of reach for the small and mid size business, local school districts  or non-profit organization.

What we have found is that by leveraging either a Joomla CMS ( along with integrated LMS extensions or Moodle ( or even a bridged combinations we are able to help deliver a reasonable scale of functionality and student tracking capability that puts the strength of Learning Management Systems available to small and mid-size businesses, learning institutions and non-profit organizations. Not only is this technology platform substantially more cost effective but each of the curriculum and education resources that we produce can be designed to be SCORM compliant and as a result can be integrated with virtually any other SCORM compliant Learning Management System should your requirements ever outgrow the platform. However, because the technologies continue to improve and scale with new features you may never need to look elsewhere.

Practical Applications of LMS

If you are a small business, training can help you deliver your products more consistently and position your company to be able to scale up or down to meet the needs in the marketplace and protect you from risk in employee turnover. If you are a School or educational institution it is important to segment your user types and track student progress. If you are launching complex business tools on the web you need to empower your users to get the most out of your technology investments. What this means is that utilizing the capabilities of Learning Management can offer benefits to businesses and organizations of many types and range in size. It also means that this may be a wise investment that can have short term and long term payoffs.

Experience to Succeed

Since most of our team has backgrounds in education and training there is a lot of passion in our company for incorporating professional development and training as part of the value in our service offerings. We will be dedicating this month as "Training Month" at CNP and moving forward you will see a lot more from us in training and curriculum development for educational products and services. We hope the articles and information that we present will generate conversation and help us find creative ways to help you engage your customers and better train your workforce using many of the cost effective solutions that we support.

Stay tuned for ongoing articles and reviews of LMS systems and approaches that can benefit your organization. We are eager to help you better understand the opportunity you can have with an effective online leaning or professional development program using our tools and expertise to implement them.

If you would like to have a demonstration or more information of any of the Joomla based learning management solutions or training we can offer, feel free to contact us so we can help you assess if what we offer will fit your needs.

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