Joomla marketing tips - SEF URLsJoomla! SEF Kickstart for implementing search engine friendly URL’s on your Joomla site.

Start by researching the features of the available Joomla CMS extensions and map their features with the particular needs of your site.

Here are several components you should consider:

  1. aceSEF -
  2. SEFAdvanced -
  3. Sh404 -
  4. ijoomla SEO -

Of course you can also browse the extensions directory over at for tools like site maps and other SEO extensions:

Make sure you read the installation directions for the particular component. Then, in the admin area you will install the components and configure the SEF settings in the general configuration area of 1.5 or 1.7+


  • Make sure you have a good back up of your site and that you test your URL’s and menu links directly after installing the component of choice.
  • Carefully choose a naming convention that matches your targeted keywords. This will dictate the effectiveness of your SEF.
  • Remember that most of the SEF components require extensions or plugins to support the particular Joomla extensions you have added to your site configuration. Be sure to review the list of components installed on your site and review the available libraries of supported components to make sure the component that you chose will meet your needs and offer SEF for the tools you plan to use.
  • Remember to get all of your internal links done before you turn on SEF since you are going to want your site to not break if you have to toggle between turning SEF on and off. Let the SEF tool and your carefully chosen naming conventions for sections and categories do the work for you.
  • If you need professional support installing Joomla extensions, building custom extensions, troubleshooting technical issues or optimizing your installation you can go to providers like CNP Integrations to get help and expertise:

Remember SEF can be tricky and easily bring your site down so try not to do this work during peak traffic times on your site.