The boom of Social Media is giving Twitter an explosive impact in the marketplaceTwitter Links and applications

Since coming into the twitter world, I have to say this has been a great experience. I have learned a ton so far on so many levels. First, I have vastly expanded my circle of folks for sharing ideas and information. This has introduced me to a ton of great blogs and articles from other thought leaders

in the industry. It has pushed me to articulate my own ideas more frequently and to expand the focus of my blog and subsequently the services and consulting support we offer. Having talked to many customers,  most have yet to fully get the reasons why Twitter is becoming so popular nor do they see why they should be embarking on this journey for their business. Social media platforms such as facebook and myspace are a lot easier to look at and say "oh I get it", it is a community. Twitter is a bit simpler technically in concept as a extended chat conversation with a community of folks. However it is not as easy to see up front how you can connect with customers since if you just promote products it is typically much harder to get a base of followers.

You will hear a loud "ding" when the light bulb goes off in your head

Once you "get it" and can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I say this because there is a bit of up front time investment to get started, the potential value is tremendous on so many levels.

For me, I was spending nearly $1000 per month on PPC plus another 2-4k on labor resources to manage it and the associated collateral campaigns. I am getting more traffic from a combination of writing in my blog and posting on twitter than I was getting from PPC. Not that PPC is not valuable when implemented correctly but in a slumped economy I just needed to cut back to what I can manage in house with a lower cost. This is why I took the plunge to experiment with twitter as a way to push traffic to my blog.  So far I have found twitter to be a great enabler for reaching new prospects and when I find other folks RT (retweeting) my blog posts, I can tell this will get a bit of ground swell if I am consistently telling a story that folks want to listen to. However, with anything you want to become successful there is a significant time investment and you must be consistent as well as fresh or you will begin to lose your audience. There is a lot of competition for folks time and attention these days.

All aboard the whistle is blowing

One of the key indicators that a technology or platform is going to be around for a while is when the open source and commercial development communities start going crazy building applications or plug ins for the technology. This has truly been the case with twitter.

To further understand this I recommend spending some time online investigating the tools and many articles on blogs like this that can help you build a solid social marketing strategy and leveraging this new phenomenon. I hunted around and found some great links, resources and reasons why Twitter has so much power and potential. I hope this can open your thoughts if you are just getting started or give you some new toys to explore if you are already underway as a "Twit head".

You may look at the list below and go "Yikes... where do I start?" Well... if you need help with a kick start, I can provide consulting support or you can download a publication we have for sale.

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You may be asking... why? Here are 75 ways to promote your business on Twitter

If you are looking for different ways to use twitter that can benefit your business, then here's 75 to get you going on with.

  1. To promote your worthwhile cause/favorite charity on
  2. To point people to the latest copy of your newsletter
  3. To promote your internet radio show on
  4. To tell people of your event on
  5. To send out an updated price list to clients & prospects
  6. To share your PowerPoint  presentation on
  7. To ask for referrals
  8. To qualify prospects
  9. To tell people about your latest press release on
  10. To promote your latest article on
  11. To get eyeballs on to your ad on eBay
  12. To Share some useful tips about your services
  13. To get signups for your workshops and seminars
  14. To conduct market research
  15. To promote your latest podcast
  16. To share your seminar talk on
  17. To give your feedback of software you just bought
  18. To conduct marketing research
  19. To  show the latest thread on your blog (twitter feed)
  20. To point them to your press release on
  21. To get eyeballs on to your lens
  22. To get people to book on your workshop via
  23. To position yourself as an expert
  24. To get new members to your clubs on &
  25. To promote your articles on
  26. To increase response to your ads
  27. To tell people about
  28. To share your white paper on
  29. To launch your new premium service
  30. To tell people you're going on holiday
  31. As a way to promote your products online
  32. To promote your latest video on You Tube
  33. To promote your ad on
  34. To allow people to download a trial version of your software
  35. To promote your latest job vacancies
  36. To find out what latest job vacancies are out there
  37. Share some useful tips about your products
  38. To promote your latest photographs on flicker
  39. To get comments onto your blog
  40. To share an important fact form
  41. To give referrals
  42. To help others generate traffic via traffic swarm
  43. To show your demo video on
  44. To show people your trial software on
  45. To boost morale
  46. To create mutual opportunity for friends
  47. To simplify/improve your customer service and support
  48. To tell people about
  49. To promote your new membership site on
  50. To promote your latest book
  51. To help with recruitment for your MLM Opportunity
  52. To remind people of your terms and conditions
  53. To tell people how to create a mobile website with
  54. To give people a Google map url on how to find you
  55. To direct people to your ezine sign up page
  56. To get people to vote for you at
  57. To collect case studies
  58. To get people to sign up to your webinar at
  59. To share customer testimonials
  60. To run a poll or survey using
  61. To advise others of  bad payers / bad debtors
  62. To point people to your latest article on
  63. To tell people about
  64. To tell people about your new listing on
  65. to tell others what the best sellers on eBay are
  66. to link to your ads on
  67. to encourage others to subscribe to your group on
  68. To share financial market info from
  69. To ask for ideas, suggestions and recommendations for new products
  70. To share a Spreadsheet via Google Docs
  71. To Tell people how to book on your next webinar
  72. To share your diary and get your appointments booked up
  73. To give your feedback of a workshop or seminar you attended
  74. To demonstrate to journalists how responsive your network can be
  75. To say thank you  to people who care


Here are some from my personal book marks; Lists of nearly 1000 great twitter applications and widgets:

Key Twitter Management Apps:

Follower Management and Directories:

Pics and Videos:

Twitter Automation:

Links and Statistics:

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Jobs:

Twitter for Education:

  • Twits Like Me: This allows you to find other Twitter users who are talking about the things you like to talk about, so you can follow more people who offer you value.
  • Tweetworks: Move classroom discussion online into threaded groups that can be responded to from most Twitter applications, with each discussion having its own url.
  • Twitilator: This is an iPhone app that has a lot of great options for Twittering from your phone. Twitterberry has gotten some kudos for the blackberry.
  • TweetGrid: You can break this real-time search browser into several searches that update in real time, not only perfect for general monitoring, but a great visual addition to a class lecture.
  • Hashtags: Combining this service with something like TweetGrid or Tweetdeck, you can assign a specific hashtag to your lecture for students to Twitter live comments or questions, and project them onto a screen, or pick out the juicy ones for post-lecture content.
  • Breaking Tweets: By compiling the latest world news and Twitter feedback on that news, you can know not only what's going on, but what people are saying about it in the Twitosphere.
  • TwitTrans: Have your Tweets translated into any language!
  • postica: Have a note you want to get out to your students or your department? Put it on a post-it on Twitter.
  • twtpoll: Conduct your own poll, including students, colleagues, etc.

Here are some list sites for more twitter apps and widgets:

*** Twitdom is a database maintained by fellow tweeple like you.

3rd party applications that work with Twitter that are useful for teaching and learning.

7 Top Twitter Topic Trackers

25 Apps that Add Form and Function to Twitter

The Top 21 Twitter Applications

25 Twitter Applications Your Small Business Can Use Today:

Twitter is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds lately.  It seems like everyone is talking about Twitter.  The neat thing is that everyone seems to use Twitter in their own unique way.  Hundreds of Twitter applications can be found on numerous sites that offer cool tools to help you manage the way you use Twitter.  If you use Twitter for marketing your small business, I sorted thru tons of apps to bring you the most helpful.  Feel free to suggest other Twitter apps, for business owners, below in the comments.

  • Twitter Toolbar - Downloading this free toolbar gives you instant access to Twitter. You can use the toolbar to access online Twitter tools, check your Twitter stats, post your updates and more. Versions are available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Twitoria - This simple application lets you quickly find out which of your followers has not been actively tweeting. Easily sort through your network of followers and purge the inactive users.
  • Monitter - Get a live streaming view at what Twitter users in your location are saying about you or your small business. Simply insert keywords you would like to search for and the surrounding area you would liked monitored.
  • Twitter Gallery - A collection of free backround themes for your Twitter account. You can use the one click installation or manually install them yourself. Lots of nice designs and colors to choose from.
  • Tweepler - Simplify the way you manage your Twitter followers. Tweepler enables you to easily sort through new followers and accept them or ignore them on one simple screen. They have made accepting followers easier by giving the Tweepler user the followers stats and last 3 tweets in one screen view. This will save you time by eliminating the need to visit each individual follower's profiles.
  • Twit This - Allow visitors to your blog or website to easily post Twitter messages about you or your business. Post the TwitThis button to your website or blog pages with the instructions and coding provided on their site.
  • StockTwits - Follow and join into conversations with traders and investors. An active community of investors are sharing their views on current market conditions and recent news happenings. You can quickly see what others are saying about investments in your portfolio.
  • HelloTxt - Update your status to several social networking sites in one simple step. You can choose from over 35 social sites to post to including Twitter.
  • TwitterFox - This Firefox extension is one of my personal favorites. You can post Twitter updates without visiting the Twitter site each time. A small icon is added to the bottom of your Firefox status bar. The icon opens to reveal your friend's most current updates. You can add your updates from that dialog box, even for multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Future Tweets - Do you have something to promote on Twitter tomorrow but are afraid of forgetting to do it? With FutureTweets, you can schedule your tweet ahead of time for a specific date and time. Even schedule reoccuring tweets to post daily, monthly, even yearly.
  • TwitPic - Share your favorite pictures on Twitter. This would be a good way to introduce your new product to your network of followers.
  • twtQpon - Create exclusive coupons for your business services or products and share them with your Twitter followers.
  • Tweetburner - This site is designed to help you track your tweets. With Tweetburner you can shorten URLs and track the clicks your tweets accumulate.
  • Tweetbeep - Just like Google Alerts, Tweetbeep tracks Twitter conversations that mention you, your business or your products and services. Alerts are sent to you via email.
  • Twitter Counter - Proudly display the number of Twitter followers on your business blog or website. Add the badge to your site and invite customers to follow you on Twitter.
  • Group Tweet - This app enables all employees within your company to post updates which can be privately viewed only by your group of approved members.
  • Twitter Safe - This free service protects your years of hard work building your community of followers. This one click backup will restore your network of followers in the event that your list is compromised.
  • Twitxr - Post product pictures and updates from your mobile phone directly to Twitter.
  • Track This - This app enables tracking of any UPS, USPS, FedEx or DHL shipment. Updates are sent to your Twitter account direct messages whenever your package changes location.
  • CoTweet - CoTweet lets your company manage one Twitter account while allowing several employees to contribute. Each person maintains their own identity and their activity can be monitored.
  • Tweet Later - This one application contains several Twitter productivity tools. You can track keywords, track replies, schedule tweets, send welcome direct messages, and much more.
  • Splitweet - Managing and updating multiple Twitter accounts is easily done from one screen. Choose to send updates to one or all accounts in one step. You can also follow your brand with notification when your company is mentioned on Twitter.
  • Twimailer - Sign up to receive more extensive email notifications when your account obtains new followers. Instead of the generic Twitter email notification; the email contains the followers location, followers stats and their most recent tweets. At the bottom of the email, you can choose to follow the individual without even visiting Twitter.
  • Digsby - Keep track of everything your followers are doing at all times. The Digsby box display gives you a real time view into your Twitter account right from your browser.
  • TwitterHawk - This marketing app helps you connect with consumers in your area and related to the keywords you choose. TwitterHawk will send Twitter users your custom response when they tweet your keyword in locations that you specify. Say you sell shoes and you want your response to reach anyone within a 20 mile radius of your business. When someone 7 miles away tweets about shoes, your response will automatically be sent to that person.



Special bonus links: Note, careful about linking twitter with facebook since this can overwhelm your facebook folks if you are not careful. Thisk through your whole socail networking strategy and map out where you what these to connect and how. Who do you want to communicate with and in what way?

Facebook Goodies:

Blog Promotion:

  • Networked Blogs app - This app shows up on your profile or in your boxes tab and displays your blog and any of the blogs you like to read. It's a great way to promote yourself and others.
  • Notes (Default App) - Default App found on the right side of your profile. Add your RSS feed and view your friends' feeds. When your blog updates it shows the article in your feed.
  • RSS Connect - This one can be in either a box on your profile or even better, its own tab on your profile.
  • Simplaris BlogCast - Quick and simple way to put the title of your blog post and a link to it in your feed.
  • Business/Promotions:
  • Define Me - Displays a cloud of words others use to describe your business. This could be your best friend or worst enemy depending on your business and customer service.
  • GLPrint Business Cards - A flashier business card; gives you options to create your digital business card.
  • IEndorse - Testimonials are a great way to build the value of your company. This app allows Facebook denizens to endorse your company or find it via the IEndorse business database.
  • My BusinessBlinkWeb - Create a widget that promotes your business and that others can place on their profiles. This basically turns your friends, clients, or customers into your advertisers.
  • Professional Profile - Create a tab on your profile for all of your professional contacts, information, and activities. Very useful if you want to separate the two sides of yourself.
  • Posted Items (Default App) - This is one you can find on the upper right side of your profile and it allows you to share anything you find on the Internet by posting it to your profile. Videos, blogs, or even articles about you or your company or anything else you find interesting.
  • Testimonials - Like IEndorse it's a way to gather customer testimonials, but it doesn't have the business database for searching businesses.


  • CalliFlower - Free conference calls!
  • Smart Phone - Phone to phone calls and even some conference call features that are all handled from your FB profile.
  • SmartMessage Center - Smart is right. This tool allows you to send messages to groups or individuals and gives you back one single result that you can share. It's a great tool for gathering information and then organizing it into a single page instead of wading through pages and pages of replies. You can even get the results exported as a PDF, RSS, or XLS file.
  • Telephone - Talk, IM, or leave voice messages. I'd say it's more like a cell phone than a telephone, but you get the idea.
  • Voice Mail - Voice messaging, voice chat, voice enabled wall posts, and more. Add some sound to you profile or just make it possible to leave voice messages.


  • Introductions - If you're not good at meeting new people this app will help introduce you.
  • My LinkedIn Profile - Creates a badge from your LinkedIn profile that gets displayed on your Facebook profile.
  • SocialFly - Create notes about your online contacts, setup reminders to talk to them, and manage your contacts. Great app for keeping up with business contacts.
  • Tag Biz Business Network - Puts a tag cloud of descriptive tags on your profile and participating friends' profiles. These tags link back to the Tag Biz directory where you can easily find similar businesses or people and make your networking time more efficient.
  • Workin' It! - Helps you post and send out your work experience to potential employers or clients and gathers recommendations from your friends and co-workers.
  • Xing - Hooks into your Xing account (like the LinkedIn app does with LinkedIn) and brings the networking features of Xing to Facebook.


  • Huddle by WorkSpaces - Store or share documents, make plans, collaborate on projects, and more (also one of the LinkedIn apps).
  • My Office - This virtual office will help get everyone on the same page by sharing documents, tasks and more.

Audio Visual:

  • Facebook Video (Default App) - Share videos of presentations, product demos, and even company commercials.
  • PodCast Player - Share audio interviews on your profile, or your company's podcasts.
  • SlideShare - If you're already using SlideShare to share your presentations online then you can connect the account to your profile. If you aren't already using it you should and start sharing your presentations on your profile.


  • JD Supra Docs - Stream your documents and info from your JD Supra Docs account to your Facebook profile.
  • Memorable Web Addresses for Profile, Page or Group - Instead of having the default, crazy Facebook address to get to your account you can now make an easy to remember and easy to find address for your business or group.
  • My Money - This online banking app isn't very useful if you're a large business, but for small or single owner businesses it's just one more tool that can help make Facebook a more valuable business stop.
  • Page Maps - Display a mini map (with links to larger maps) of where your business or favorite place to have business meetings are.
  • Static FBML - Add some advanced functionality to your Facebook Page by being able to render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) on the page. Change the look and feel, and even add apps, forms,